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What's on the Horizon for Silicon Valley?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

We had a great time attending the BOMA Silicon Valley Market Outlook discussion. The big question on our minds..."Is Silicon Valley on the road to recovery?" CBRE reports, "A recovering economy; consistent, ongoing job growth in the tech sector; and reduced COVID-19 case counts are giving companies the confidence to start making longer-term office leasing decisions. With employees beginning their physical return to the office in the months ahead, we expect to see even more large-block deals in 2022." Since the market performed so well last year, real estate market watchers are bullish on how it will do this year. Thank you to Kirsten Grado at CBRE, Josh Shumsky at Newmark , and Gene Williams at Valbridge Property Advisors for sharing the current state of Silicon Valley's retail, office, and real estate markets.

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